Cable Related Documents
   Title  Modified Date  Description
  Pin Assignment 5/20/2009 Trainer port pin assignment for many transmitters
  Transmitter Connections 5/20/2009  
  Tx 2 Tx 5/20/2009 Inter-Transmitter connections
  DIN Connector 5/20/2009 Wikipedia Entry: DIN Connector
  Jack Plug 5/20/2009 Wikipedia Entry: Audio Jack Plug
  Mini-DIN Connector 5/20/2009 Wikipedia Entry: Mini-DIN Connector
 Modulation Technical Documents
   Title  Modified Date  Description
  SPCM Format 5/9/2010 JR/Graupner SPCM Format
  Walkera PCM 7/5/2009 Walkera WK-0701 PCM Format
  PPM vs. PCM 5/20/2009 Detailed description of PPM & PCM
  PCM1024Z format 5/20/2009 10-bit PCM format used by Futaba
 SmartPropoPlus File Repository
   Title  Modified Date  Description
  Sources 7/6/2009 SCM Repositories of all SmartPropoPlus source code branches
  SmartPropoPlus Project 7/5/2009 SmartPropoPlus Project homepage on SourceForge
  All Versions 7/5/2009 SmartPropoPlus files - Executables & Sources (inc. Older ver.)