How to get Support for SmartPropoPlus

SmartPropoPlus is supplied as-is without any guaranty. However, I will try my best to help users with SmartPropoPlus as long as they:

  • Send me a detailed description of the problem in English.
  • Make a minimal effort to help themselves before calling me.

The best way to go when you think SmartPropoPlus is not working properly is to go through the following steps:

  1. Go over again on the set-up section, making sure the correct cable was used.
  2. Searching the Forum for similar cases.
  3. Searching the Q&A section for a similar case.
  4. Posting a very descriptive message on the Forum.
  5. Contacting me, filling up the contact form. Unless implicitly requested, I may move the support request to the forum. 
    I will remove all personal details except first name.