• Turn off your R/C Transmitter.
  • Connect your R/C Transmitter to the computer with an appropriate cable as indicated in the Cables section:
  • Connect one side of the cable to the R/C Transmitter trainer socket. In some transmitters this will turn on the transmitter.
  • Connect the other side of the cable to the Microphone (or the Line-in) socket of the computer. These sockets are usually color-coded as in the following example:

Audio Rear Panel


Note: Most computers feature only some of the above sockets.

Some computers mark the Link text with icons as follows:


laptop miclaptop mic2


Line-In icon

  • Turn on your Transmitter (if not already on). You may hear a loud noise coming from your speakers. This is a normal behavior of the system. The noise will be muted in a moment.

In most cases, you can start SmartPropoPlus now (if not already started) and start working.