SmartPropoPlus may be used with practically any transmitter and any Windows computer.


Most modern computer are equipped with at least one audio input - Microphone input. Some are equipped with additional ones such as Line In input.
In most case these inputs are protected against over voltage.
Most  software drivers are fully compatible with SmartPropoPlus. There are simple workaround for the few non-standard cases.


There are two requirements for a transmitter to be compatible with SmartPropoPlus:

  • The modulation type of the transmitter should be one of the types supported by SmartPropoPlus:
    Type Explanation
    PPM All standard PPM including Negative and Positive Shift. 
    Most 2.4GHz transmitted employ this type.
    Walkera PPM Type of PPM employed by WK-2401 and later models
    PCM (JR) Propriety PCM employed by JR transmitters
    PCM (Futaba) Propriety PCM employed by Futaba transmitters
    PCM (Sanwa) Propriety PCM employed by Sanwa and Airtronics transmitters
    PCM (Walkera) Propriety PCM employed by some Walkera transmitters (e.g. WK-0701)
  • It must be equipped with a trainer (a.k.a Simulator) socket.


The transmitter should be connected to the computer by a special cable that should be created or obtained by the user.
Unfortunately, there is no standard for such a socket/cable so every vendor has its own proprietary socket and pin arrangement.

Cable Creating instructions by transmitter:



Models (Partial list)


Rectangular socket

9, 9C, 9CAP

Futaba Round 6-Pin DIN Conquest FM, FG FM, 4VF, 6VH, 6DA, 6YF, 6YG, 6XA, 6XAs, 6XH, 6XHs, 7U, 8U, 9Z
Futaba Round 5-Pin DIN FG/FP Series
Cirrus 6-Pin DIN 900FM
Cirrus (AM) 5-Pin DIN Four-XL, Six-XL
Robbe 5-Pin DIN Terra Top, Luna
Robbe Futaba 6-Pin DIN SkySport 4
Hitec 6-Pin DIN Focus 4, Focus 6, Laser 4, laser6, Flash4(X), Flash 5(X), Prism 7, 7x, Eclipse 7
Tower Hobbies 6-Pin DIN 4FM, 6FM, System 3000
Sanwa 6-Pin DIN VG6P
Sanwa/Airtronics 5-Pin DIN

RD6000, RD8000, VG400, VG600

Sanwa/Airtronics MiniDIN (S-video)

SD-5G, SD-6G, SD-10G

JR 3.5mm mono All models
Walkera 3.5mm mono WK-1001
Walkera MiniDIN (S-video) Most models
Digifleet 5-Pin DIN All models
Multiplex 8-Pin DIN All models
E-Sky MiniDIN (S-video) All models
Spektrum 3.5mm mono All models

 If your transmitter is not listed above, please refer to the general cable instructions.