SmartPropoPlus 4.0.1 has just been released!

SmartPropoPlus version 4.0.1 includes minor improvements over version 4.0.0

If you are happy with 4.0.0 - No need to switch to 4.0.1

Non-Latin Username:

You can now install and run SmartPropoPlus even if your username contains non-latin characters.

Examples: Tomaš, שאול,  Władysław

Pulse Scope Enhancements:

  1. Added a Close button

  2. Added a lower status pane displaying Audio properties Channel, sample size and Bitrate.
    Example: “Left 16bit 44.1Kb/S”

New vJoy:

The installation now includes the latest version of vJoy (v2.1.6).

The implications are:

  • Full support for Windows 10

  • Restricted support for Vista:

  1. You must instal Service Pack 2 (SP2)

  2. You must install Platform Update Supplement for Windows Vista (KB2117917)

  3. You will have to reboot the system after installation

Better vJoy Integration:

  • SmartPropoPlus displays the version of the installed vJoy.

  • SmartPropoPlus correctly displays the actual axes and buttons of the selected vJoy device.