SmartPropoPlus 4 is just getting better:  This is the first Release candidate.

Release Notes:

Major changes from previous version:

  1. Faster installation
  2. Includes the latest vJoy release (2.0.4)
  3. Supports up to 32 buttons
  4. Added an “Advanced” tab
  5. Added a “Reset” button – Resets SPP to its default state.
  6. When in sleep mode – a large bitmap filles the place of the tabs
  7. When trying to start a new SPP session – the first SPP session pops-up.
  8. Installer removes previous installations


Bug Fixes:

  1. Transmitter data is missing.
  2. Tab flicker when changed
  3. Looks bad on Windows 7

Please use the Forum to post your suggestions and ideas, to report bugs and to tell me what you think.

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