R/C Simulation with your own R/C Transmitter


SmartPropoPlus was designed for the Remote Control (R/C) community. In enables you to use your own R/C transmitter (a.k.a. Controller) to control your simulator.

Using your transmitter, rather than a standard joystick, gives you a more realistic simulation experience.

The transmitter hooks to your computer's audio input (e.g. Microphone socket) – you just have to buy or create a suitable cable.

SmartPropoPlus is compatible with most transmitters and runs on Vista (SP2), Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

SmartPropoPlus is free, open source software that is under constant development since 2006 and has thousands of users.

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Advantages & disadvantages

There are nowadays only two physical ways to connect to your computer, namely USB and Audio (e.g. Microphone). All other options such as Parallel, serial and games ports are now obsolete.

Most vendors offer to connect a controller to the USB port. SmartPropoPlus does not. SmartPropoPlus is the only way I know of to connect a controller via the computer audio inputSmartPropoPlus does not support USB.

Here is a table comparing between the typical USB solution and SmartPropoPlus:


USB Solution



Input socket


Audio (e.g. Microphone)


Required Software

Part of the solution

SmartPropoPlus (Includes vJoy)


Required Hardware

Special USB cable which is a part of the solution

Homemade cable




Only the price of the cable

In most cases, the cable will cost you between 50c to $8


Usually not your own transmitter

Your own transmitter

Most USB solution come with a basic controller. It will definitely have a different look & feel than your own transmitter



Good (PPM) to perfect (PCM)

If you have a PPM transmitter, SmartPropoPlus will give you about 25 steps per stick which is good.



Not Plug-n-Play

You will have to spend a moment configuring SmartPropoPlus.



There are a few requirements that your system should meet. Make sure it does before starting:


Operating System: Vista + SP2 or newer

Sound card with a microphone and/or Line-in input socket. (Mono or Stereo).


Any simulator that can be controlled from a joystick.


Create or buy according to the Cables section


Most transmitters will fulfill the following requirements:

Should be equipped with trainer socket

Supports one of the following modulation types:

  • Standard PPM (all types)

  • Walkera Non-standard PPM (Transmitters WK-24xx)

  • PCM (Walkera, JR, Futaba, Sanwa, Airtronics)

Note: Most 2.4GHz are standard PPM


Two things may damage your transmitter – overloading the RF circuits & overloading the trainer circuit.

You may avoid both hazards very easily.

RF Circuit:

Your transmitter should not transmit while simulating. Some transmitters RF circuit is automatically disconnected when you plug the cable into your trainer socket. Other transmitters will require you to temporarily remove the crystal or the RF unit.

If you are not certain your RF circuit is disconnected – extend your transmitter's antenna while it is on.

Trainer Circuit:

The only way to damage this circuit is by using a wrong cable. Make sure you use the right cable. Note that different cables may have identical look while being electrically different. Make sure you use the right cable.

And now...

Go to the Set-Up section where you will be instructed about the cable, what software you need to download and how to install and configure it all.

At this point you will probably be using your simulator. Enjoy.